Twisty Wheel - Review & Download

Gaming on mobile devices for some is just a way to kill free time while waiting, for others – it means to have fun. The Twisty Wheel app can do both. In order to be immersive, some games are trying to get your attention with a deep emotional storyline that encompasses multiple characters with complex motivations (like RPGs), but that they require spending hours in. And if you don’t have that much time to discover all details but still want to enjoy a game, then simple games with easy rules (also called ‘casual games’) would be a better choice since they can also be fun and addictive. Twisty Wheel is one of those games. The gameplay in this game is very easy to pick up. Plus, gaming sessions can be chaotic as they require just a few minutes to complete. We see this as a great solution for waiting in the line or playing during a coffee break.  

Despite being easy to play and easy to get used to, Twisty Wheel can be rather challenging sometimes. Your main activity in this game is to spin the wheel of different colors. Above the wheel, you will see an arrow that matches one color on the wheel. You need to spin the wheel by tapping it and then stop it with another tap. Your goal is to stop the wheel and match the color of the pointing arrow with a color on the wheel.  

The color of the arrow is changed with each tap (round), so it adds an element of random to the game. It gets more challenging as each new level requires you to match an additional color. This is the only way to unlock the next level. You have a limited window to tap the screen and then stop it in order to match colors. Such conditions also make much harder than you would originally think. On higher levels, you need to be quick and precise to match all the colors selected by the game for the current stage. Twisty Wheel is a free-to-play game, which implies an ads-oriented method of monetization. We have only seen only one ad that was placed at the bottom without obstructing the screen or interrupting the play. In-app purchases are also available – they are also ‘humble’ and don’t jump out at you all the time. 

Twisty Wheel Twisty Wheel

Twisty Wheel

How to Play Twisty Wheel:

Tap the screen to activate the wheel, tap again to stop it;
Match the color of the arrow with the sector of the same color on the wheel;
Match additional colors as you unlock more levels;
The color of the arrow changes with each tap, so be prepared to react fast;
Unlock new themes as you progress through the game.

Twisty Wheel Screenshot