Vector 2 - Review & Download

If you’re not familiar with the first part of Vector, here is a small introduction about it. The story is set in the unknown country with a totalitarian regime. Human will and mind belong to the System that controls everyone. In Vector we were a simple clerk who decided that he had enough – right in the middle of the day in his office he jumped through the window in an attempt to run away. The first game of the series can be described as a simple story-based runner with parkour elements. We cannot say the same about Vector 2 because now we have a detailed story with many twists that will be evolving with each completed level. We will start in the secret laboratory, which is the heart of this totalitarian kitchen.  

The visual style has not changed much from the first time – it is still a very stylish product with smooth and lively animation. The developers of Vector 2 decided to concentrate on creating new jumps, tricks, and combos as well as new interesting locations. On each level, you will find different ways to get where you need, so you will have to think where you are running this time around. 

Vector 2 Vector 2

Vector 2

Another cool addition to the second game is customization. Now we can dress up our character. You can find some sort of armor in the game – a high-tech suit that is not just a cool looking thing but also provides useful bonuses. For example, your helmet can negate the damage done by traps, while power gloves allow you to open locked doors so you will be able to make a new, safer route.  

Vector 2 Screenshot

At the end of the day, Vector 2 is a decent successor of the first game in the series. The developers managed to replicate all positive gameplay aspects and also added a lot of new features that fit the game just right making it much more interesting and diversified. We think it is a good method – not to spoil what’s already working. We hope to see more games that will expand the world and story of Vector.