Microsoft Solitaire Collection - Review & Download

This solitaire collection by Microsoft includes five games – Spider, Klondike, FreeCell, Pyramid, and TriPeaks. Each games its own rules that remain unchanged since 1992. In other words, you won’t have any problems with learning them even you didn’t play any of these games when they were at the peak of their popularity. In order to make the gaming process more diversified, the developers added a competitive system, which is based on earning points and climbing leaderboards. Players can compare their results using the Star Club feature and their Xbox live accounts. 

All elements of the game including tutorials and instructions are translated into multiple languages so that you can enjoy the game in your native localization. The only thing that was left without translating is the News tab. In that section developers post information about patch notes and fixes as well as planned competitions and other events. 

Microsoft Solitaire Collection is available both on Android and iOS devices. It plays equally good on iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The game is available to download for free. However, for an additional price, you can buy VIP-status that disables banner ads and unlocks some additional functions.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Microsoft Solitaire Collection
Microsoft Corporation

Now let’s talk a bit about game modes available in Microsoft Solitaire Collection:
You have eight columns of cards on the table, and you need to clear those cards by making as few moves as possible. Plus, you can also play the single suite or raise the stakes to challenge four suits.  

This is a timeless classic. The original solitaire we all know and love. Players must clear all the cards from the table with one or three-card draw. Do you think you can do that easily? 

This mode requires some strategy as it has four extra cells where you can move cards. The end goal remains the same – remove all cards from the table. If you manage to make some steps ahead, you will be rewarded. 

Microsoft Solitaire Collection Screenshot

In the TriPeaks game mode, players need to build a card sequence in order to clear as many cards as possible. Strike combos and earn more points.

Your goal here is to remove two cards that can add up to thirteen from the board. Can you get to the top of the Pyramid victorious?