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At a glimpse, Reigns does not look similar to any other simulator, strategy, or card game on the market. The gameplay in Reigns is based on player’s decisions, and the story is written right before your eyes. Your inventory is nothing but a deck of cards and the opportunity to make the final choice: either comply with the conditions or reject them. Each turn you must make your choice that will have consequences – any new reform, decision, and possibilities are opened after certain actions. You must plan and calculate the possible outcome. Your decrees instantly affect four most important pillars of state stability: religion, army, treasury, and society. All these criteria are equally important for a prospering kingdom, and it takes a wise king to balance them and keep them high in order to satisfy all your fractions

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Keep the balance between fractions in Reigns is important to let your economics grow and also get high approval rates. When one of the mentioned criteria falls down to a critical, your actions are no longer tolerated. It might result in a public execution, military coup, or ruin. For example, if you are oppressing the church for a long time, then your subjects will think that their king is godless. This might lead to a revolution and pagan invasion. Your royal guards and military will do the same should you spend army resources on other unnecessary (in their minds) things. However, you must remember that you cannot also put the interests of any fraction above the kingdom.

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The gameplay in Reigns is not limited to economics. This ‘king simulator’ game also includes dungeon raids, conquests, ancient curses, plague epidemics, weddings, peace treaties, betrayals, and deals with the devil. The basic concept of the game is simple, but it never fails to amaze each time providing new story variations. Each new game will always be somehow different from the previous, especially if you are taking advice from fortune tellers, wizards, and other shady individuals. Those characters will surely make your adventures much more intensive and unpredictable, which is cool.   
Apart from the main storyline, your main goal as a king in Reigns is to rule as long as possible. It is not that easy when even a couple of simple decrees can throw the economics of the kingdom into ruin. This is where you must be very careful and keep all ‘parameters of success’ in check.