Solitaire Deluxe® 2 - Review & Download

There is nothing more relaxing than a round or two of Solitaire at the end of a hard work day. However, it’s very doubtful that you carry a deck of cards in your pocket at all times, and why should you? In the 21st century, every board game, including cards, can be easily accessible from your smartphone.

For all casual game lovers out there, Mobile Deluxe released Solitaire Deluxe 2 – an improved version of Solitaire Deluxe – which is currently residing on the first position in its respective category.

Solitaire Deluxe® 2 Solitaire Deluxe® 2

Solitaire Deluxe® 2
Mobile Deluxe

Solitaire Deluxe 2 has introduced new Solitaire games, so now you can choose from over 20 various game types. The app is also equipped with better 3D graphics, intuitive interface, and cool sounds. The new game has acquired improved animations for the YOU WIN message, which makes it desirable to win. Of course, a collection of brand new backgrounds and deck designs is also available. New designs are coming up every week, so you will never feel bored with the same cards. In addition, the developer created innovative card movements, which makes it possible to simply tap the card or its destination to make a move. By the way, the cards themselves are easily readable from a smartphone and can be personalized on the go. 

The app offers classic games like Easthaven, Spider, Klondike, and FreeCell, together with lesser known ones, such as King’s Corner, Yukon, and Vanishing Cross. Even if you don’t know the rules of some games, you can always refer to handy tutorials which you can find in the Help menu of the app. In addition, you can see your scores and overall performance in the Statistics section. The game has no life limits, so you can play as much as you want. 

In the new game, you have an opportunity to earn more coins and in completely new ways. If you go to Rewards Store, you can get a handful of free credits in exchange for lucrative offers. It will also add up to your achievements rate and put you on the top positions of the game leaderboards. If you want to gain new upgrades and designs but cannot afford to buy them for the local currency, you can opt for real money donations and get the desired things right away. 

When you win any game’s round, you get a streak which is increased with every following victory. However, it will be only available within one game type, so if you switch to another game, the current streak will burn. Solitaire Deluxe 2 also supports an improved Competitive Mode where you play against other players for the title of the best Solitaire expert. Teaming up is largely supported here as well. You can easily invite your friends and family to join the game via Facebook.

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Perhaps the only bad part about the game’s sequel is the abundance of pop-up ads that often ruin the gaming enthusiasm of the players. Some players even stated that it took them more time to wait through the ads than playing a hand itself, which is really frustrating. However, the developer has provided a way to eliminate the ads by offering to buy an ad-free version of the app. Other than that, Solitaire Deluxe 2 is a perfect card game app that was made with utmost love and respect to the original card games.