UNO! - Review & Download

Having your own deck of UNO! is great. You can carry it with you everywhere you go, and, if there is a party coming, you have a good chance to make everyone’s evening. However, it’s not always that easy to find people that would join you for a game. Some of your friends might be busy at work until late at night, and others need to do their homework in time.

Playing alone doesn’t seem to be a good option either, which is why Mattel has recently launched its official UNO! mobile game that allows you to play anywhere, anytime – even if there is no one around. The main advantage of mobile card games is that you play online, and your opponents are random people from different parts of the world, which surely adds up to the overall fun



The game is available for both Android and iOS operating systems and offers a huge variety of cool modes and features that will never let you get bored. In addition to a neat and stylish design, the mobile UNO!  also introduced its own local currency that you can use to acquire unique items and bonuses. Another cool feature is a chat window through which you can communicate with other players during a match. Moreover, you can even yell “UNO!” at the right moment by enabling a microphone on your device.

To meet the needs of every player, the UNO! app offers a range of various modes. The Classic Mode incorporated all the traditional rules and specifics of a real-life card game. If you are new to the game, this mode is what you need to try out first. While on the main menu, simply tap on the Quick Start option. Another cool innovation is Room Mode. It’s a special game mode that allows you to be the one who sets the rules and invites people to play. You can build a team that would consist exclusively of your friends and close ones, and you can also add extra cards to the deck that will add a few unexpected twists to your game. Among these extra cards, there is “Discard All” card that can rid you of all cards of the same color. For coop lovers, there is a 2 v 2 mode that allows you to partner with your friend and play against two other players. In this mode, your aim is to get rid of all cards faster than your opponents. The most experimental mode, though, is the Go Wild mode. Here you will not find any fixed rules, and the deck will be massively filled with all kinds of action cards that will rattle your nerves indeed.

You can occasionally go to the Shop category and buy extra items that will make your character stand out from the crowd. There is even a kind of a daily lottery in that category that is likely to give you nice coin bonuses and other cool incentives.

A sad part about this in-game currency system, however, is the fact that you get more coins as you win, and the opposite happens when you lose. Statistically, people lose more often than they win, and when there are not enough coins, you cannot continue to play. That’s when an in-app purchase aspect gets in. Some users can see it as part of the developer’s business model, but for the majority of people, this is still a considerable flaw.

UNO! Screenshot

The latest version of UNO! has introduced an updated Help page that will assist you in figuring out the rules and tricks you could use to increase your chances of winning the game. The UNO! developers also work on thematic season tournaments that will bring even more diversity and fun to the player experience.