Ballz - Review & Download

Ballz is a simple yet addictive game developed by Ketchapp for mobile platforms. It is a good choice to kill time while standing in the long line or on your way to the destination point. Ballz features very ascetic designs, minimalistic graphics, humble soundtrack, and effects, while its gameplay is almost a carbon copy of One More Brick. But let’s not rush with decisions judging by the first impression. The game wants you to clear all square blocks in the playing area. Those blocks are moving down with each turn. If you fail to destroy lower blocks and they reach the bottom line – you are dead and must restart the round. This kind of gameplay reminds us of good old Arkanoid games. 
In the beginning, you have one ball that can be hurled in any direction above the horizon. The blocks or tiles that you need to destroy have numbers on them. Those numbers are indicating how many times you must hit the block to remove it completely. You can increase the number of balls to shoot at the obstacles. To do that you must collect bonuses that will allow you to shoot multiple projectiles in quick succession.     

Ballz Ballz


The control system in Ballz is based on tapping and swipes. By tapping you can activate the aiming mode, and by swiping set the direction of the volley. Some players say that the control system is bad because it is impossible to drag your finger outside the box while standing near the border of the playing area. It is true, but that is done on purpose – you must use the power and tactical advantage of ricochets. Aim at the wall and take the angle of reflection into account – this is how you can send a projectile in the needed direction.  

Ballz Screenshot

We have been playing Ballz on Android and iOS device for a week and notice one interesting detail: all projectiles obey the laws of physics including the force of gravity. If you shoot a projectile at an acute angle to the horizon, it might not reach the target and just fall on the ground affected by gravity.  
All in all, the Ballz app leaves a positive impression for a simple casual game. It can be download for free, and it does not need any additional investments. The monetization method chosen by the developers is based on showing sponsored clips and ads within the game. However, it can be easily dealt with by paying a humble sum or just turning off the Internet connection.