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Seek hidden treasure, solve puzzles, beat challenging missions, and discover the greatest mysteries of the past in this amazing free-to-play game called Diggy’s Adventure. It is a mixture of logical puzzle game and action adventure. You will be joining the company of Diggy, Professor, Linda, and Rusty on their journey. All secrets must be unveiled! Diggy's Adventure is a great game for anyone no matter the age – adults, kids, or teenagers. Prepare for a great storyline with unexpected plot twists filled with thousands of puzzles in various exotic decorations. On your journey, you will visit Egypt, Scandinavia, China, and even Atlantis! Diggy is not just a skilled digger but also a funny guy overall that will make your time in the game worthwhile. 
And don’t forget about the crafting system: create new items, mix ingredients that will improve your digging activities, build, expand, and decorate your own camp. It is important to develop your base of operations since each labyrinth or puzzle requires energy, which is needed to run through a zone or mine. Diggy's Adventure is a perfect alternative for typical ‘match three’ games, constructor and physics-based apps, and just a good option to try something new. 

Diggy's Adventure Diggy's Adventure

Diggy's Adventure
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You will be doing a lot of excavations and completing tasks given by gods and other characters. For each completed mission you will receive experience points and a special reward. In addition to that, the energy regeneration will be improved as well as its maximum amount. The developers also added special events to Diggy's Adventure. Each event is a major content upgrade with many gameplay and quality-of-life fixes. It indicates that those guys really care about the game and want to make it even better. So don’t hesitate and challenge your brain in the series of rather difficult but equally funny puzzles. You can download and play Diggy's Adventure right now absolutely for free. 

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Main Features of Diggy’s Adventure:
One of the best action adventure games for mobile devices.
More than 1000 puzzles and mind-breaking challenges.
More than 500 scary labyrinths and mines to discover.
Five mythic locations with forgotten treasure.
Weekly updates and new events.
The game is translated into 18 languages.
The developers are always trying to put your thinking skills to the test with new challenges and conundrums.