Merge Dragons! - Review & Download

Merge Dragons is a fantastic puzzle game. You have to protect the world from evil and restore the drink of your country. Use dragon eggs to restore the population of magical creatures and to revive or extinct species. Create favorable conditions for the restoration of life in an empty world and fight the enemy.

You have to combine various objects to create such a world that you will see. Protect your locations and help the world find balance and harmony.

Merge Dragons! Merge Dragons!

Merge Dragons!
Gram Games

The Magic World

This game is the quintessential fantasy and puzzle game. You have a whole world that flooded with evil creatures. Use different trees to me, Treasures, and even magic dragons. You can combine dragons to create healthy and powerful beings. With over 500 items, you can create incredible combinations and improve this world. You have 17 types of dragons, each of which can serve a common purpose. Create assistants for yourself and complete a vast number of tasks. Each puzzle has its specifics and types of functions. Different levels have elaborate traps, exciting missions, and a reward system. 

Restore the world after the attack of evil spirits and receive vital energy for the healing of the whole earth. The game has beautiful two-dimensional graphics and a turn-based gameplay system. There are three types of currency at your disposal. You need to combine ingot crystals and coins with various items to make rare combinations. Fill the world with colorful creatures, flora, and a spirit of justice. Beautiful hand-drawn graphics invite players to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a real fairy tale. It is a unique journey that combines various elements of a puzzle and strategies. 

It depends on you what the world will be like in the end. You have to explore the world, improve it, and try to expel evil creatures from this world. Do not forget about the hint system. It will help you navigate in difficult times and find the right solution to the situation. Create incredible combinations of different objects to improve this world. Magical creatures need your support. And you can resist the evil that has covered the world with its influence. Become a real protector of magical creatures and create your empire to restore peace.

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Dragons & Creatures

The game will appeal to fans of puzzles and fantasy themes. A bright and colorful world awaits you and your strategic decisions. Combine various objects and create unique creatures that will save the world. Explore different locations and help beings find harmony and peace on earth. The well-being of many species of flora and fauna depends only on you. Restore the world after universal evil and become its guardian spirit.