Where's My Water? 2 - Review & Download

Modern mobile games for Android and iOS platforms can have breathtaking graphics and stunning visual style. We all remember classic games with great visuals and awesome effects like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and Where’s My Water?, of course. Fun fact: all these game belong to the puzzle category. We started with bird bombardment operations, proceeded with feeding a monster feeding, and now we are serving water for a funny alligator. Where's My Water? part two continues the story of a cute alligator called Swampy. Just like the original game, the sequel is intended only for mobile devices. Disney designers created a game of colorful, cheerful, interesting, and captivating as their full-length cartoons. So there is one question left, and we must solve it for Swampy – where is his water?! 

If you have ever tried the game called Incredible machine for personal computers and liked it, then you will surely love Swampy’s adventures. This game is completely based on physical properties of water. The action takes place in surprisingly clean American sewers, where our main hero lives. The only unclean thing here is water. Your main goal is to find clean water for Swampy to swim in. You need to build a path for the alligator, so he can move forward avoiding various obstacles such as broken pipes, poisonous plants, and even nuclear waste. There are yellow rubber ducks scattered across the map – don’t neglect the opportunity to collect them. It is analog of stars from the Cut the Rope game. It is the way to unlock next levels.

Where's My Water? 2 Where's My Water? 2

Where's My Water? 2

The sequel to the game loved by millions has a lot surprises for those familiar with the original. First and foremost, there are three main characters instead of one. Swampy now has two alligator friends called Allie and Cranky. In the first game they were just extras available in the store, but in Where's My Water? 2 they take an active part in the gaming process. All these characters affect the gameplay because Swampy needs clean water, while Allie loves steam, and Cranky will do anything to get poisonous chemicals. 
Right now there are just 45 levels in the game. But the developers have found a good solution to prolong the game. All levels can be replayed with different conditions, for example, you will need to complete a level upside down or avoid collecting rubber duckies on the way.  

Where's My Water? 2 Screenshot

The only thing we disliked in this game was that annoying energy counter. The guys from Disney studios still have no idea how to implement soft monetization in their apps. That is why the game always reminds you (practically screams even) about the opportunity to invest some real money. Not in your face, of course, but still. So you will have to wait for energy to regenerate, or pay to play new levels right away.