Asphalt 8 - Review & Download

Before this game made its appearance on the market, the Internet was flooded with tons of clips demonstrating the gameplay of Asphalt 8. After trying the final version of the game, we can assure you that the graphics in Asphalt 8 is one of the best among all mobile games. When you start to drive, you can see the dirt and dust flying under your wheels, bumpers get wet and dirty, the sunlight is reflected from the polished metal, and when you send your car drifting the smoke from burning tires looks incredibly realistic. If you are not impressed yet – take a night ride in one of the cities, for example, Tokyo, and see how beautiful every detail looks: traffic, supercars, buildings, and lights. Using nitro in this game is incredibly satisfying – the color of flame out of the exhaust pipes changes depending on saturation, the car thrusts forward, the image becomes blurry… Even if Asphalt 8 had an awful physics and boring gameplay, it still would be super popular thanks to its graphics.    

But don’t think that developers decided to make cool visuals and skipped everything else. All elements in this game are well thought-out and done with care including the physics. You will surely notice that lighter cars have acceleration advantage, while heavy rides are doing it slowly and steadily. Collisions, wrecks, and crashes look as good as real – all cars get serious damage, flip over, lose their parts, and smash things in their way. After each accident, your car is automatically repaired, and you can continue the race. If you are fond of drifting, you will notice the power of the physics model in Asphalt 8. You just turn the steering wheel and activate breaks. You can fully control your car while drifting – you can speed up and continue driving normally or stay in the drifting mode.  

Asphalt 8 Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8

The developers don’t change the race mode since the release of good old Asphalt 2, which we used to play on ancient mobile phones with buttons. You just drive forward and try to beat seven other drivers on the track. But, of course, there are options: pick nitro and speed up, or ram your opponents to send them flying off the track. If you are skilled enough, you can destroy all opponents and come first as if nothing had happened. 

Asphalt 8 Screenshot

Asphalt 8 leaves good impression. After we are done with testing, we usually delete apps from our devices. But this game is an exception – it is too good to be uninstalled. The graphics is stunning, controls are ok, tracks and game mechanics are interesting, plus new cars can be bought each five or six wins.