Bike Race Free Motorcycle Game - Review & Download

The app was developed by Top Free Games several years ago, and it was undeservedly forgotten dwelling on the bottom of the mobile game market. Then a miracle happened, and the public noticed it. Bike Race is a real old-school motorbike trial game with intuitive controls, ascetic 2D graphics, and multiplayer. It is rather rare to see a game that combines those elements and does it well. You might get shocked after seeing Bike Race for the first time. Everybody does. And we don’t mean in a positive way. Well, how to describe graphics in Bike Race? There is a static picture that serves as background; the ground is represented by the thin colored line beneath your motorbike. The model of your bike is not even worth mentioning here – it clearly indicates that the developers didn’t have enough money (or desire) to hire good designers. However, give it a try – and after first minutes and several completed levels, you will notice that you are already playing for an hour.   

The first thing we want to talk about is the control system. There is just one control layout, and you cannot change it. You will be controlling your motorbike using the accelerometer and tapping the right side of the screen to drive forward and left one to stop.   
The total degradation of graphics in Bike Race allowed its developers to realize the most insane track designs we have ever seen. You will be jumping, flying, riding on the ceiling, doing pirouettes in the air, and more. After getting more experience, you will be able to perform even more complex tricks.

Bike Race Free Motorcycle Game Bike Race Free Motorcycle Game

Bike Race Free Motorcycle Game
Top Free Games.

At this moment there are hundreds of crazy levels divided into several worlds. The difference between worlds, however, is just nominal – new background image, recolored ground, and increased difficulty of tracks. Only true moto trial maniacs can complete all levels presented in the game. Even fans of the genre will have some troubles getting through some tracks.    

Bike Race Free Motorcycle Game Screenshot

After reaching level 8, you will gain access to the multiplayer mode, where you can compete with your Facebook friends or any other random player. The only thing that makes this mode less captivating is the turn-based principle. Only after the first player completes his run, the second can try to beat his time. 

Bike Race Free Motorcycle Game is a very simple yet exciting and entertaining arcade that will help you to kill an hour or two of free time.