Earn to Die 2 - Review & Download

Game mechanics in the first part of Earn to Die series were very simple: you just need to hold down the acceleration button and periodically press buttons to turn left or right. As for the sequel, it has a bunch of unique features that make it different from the original game. Automobiles now get damaged after heavy collisions with zombies and other objects in the world. You must install additional armor on your car to protect it. Gaming progress now saves on special checkpoints (there are three of them on each level). 
After completing all checkpoints, the player receives a new car and must complete next three maps using it. In Earn to Die 2, you don’t have to buy new vehicles as they are unlocked automatically as your progress. However, the upgrades for your auto are much more expensive. We love these changes because it makes us feel that developers really wanted to add something new to the working formula.

Earn to Die 2 Earn to Die 2

Earn to Die 2
Not Doppler

Controls have been tinkered, too. In Earn to Die you had to press buttons for turning left or right just a few times during one track but know you need to press them each other second. Earn to Die 2 does not have time to be boring, which is great as it allows you to immerse in the gaming process fully. The original game had some serious issue with that. 
The game still has no story. Well, it just one mission – get to the evacuation point. That’s it. Earn to Die two features a garage with ten different vehicles, ten levels to complete, and thirty checkpoints to reach. The car is changed with each level, so you won’t be able to use monster cars to in the area for beginners.   

Earn to Die 2 Screenshot

The visuals aspect and graphics have been improved since the first game. The developers added a lot of cool special effects including the animated background. The sound was also overhauled, but in order to hear the difference, you will need a pair of really good earplugs. Earn to Die 2 looks good and runs smoothly on all modern mobile devices on iOS and Android.   
The guys from the Not Doppler studio managed to create a fantastic sequel to the already pretty solid game. Earn to Die 2 walks the thin line between deep immersion and enjoyable gameplay. It is easy to forget about the time when you are playing it. This app is totally worth each penny. We strongly recommend it to all mobile gamers out there.