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Falling Ball is a fun arcade game. Players will control the ball, which continuously falls on the platform. Below you is the abyss and only a few platforms.

You must try to get into the rectangular sections of the level and collect coins. You will also find boosters and various skins for the ball. Try to go as far as possible to complete each level. The game has multiple thematic levels, each of which has its surroundings.

Falling Ball Falling Ball

Falling Ball
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This game has non-standard but straightforward gameplay. You have to control the ball. This sphere always falls on platforms. You cannot affect the speed of the ball. Players can move left and right to adjust the flight. The main goal of the game is to collect as many bonuses and go a certain distance. It is not easy to do. The ball moves very fast.

Players can enjoy beautiful landscapes. For example, one of the levels created in the style of a winter blizzard, and the ball breaks a wall of snow. It is very cool; even a simple arcade game can be exciting. You need to hold out until the final level. At the top of the menu, there is an indicator that helps you navigate in space. Each successful finish allows you to get a certain number of points.

The game has various skins. You can modify the shape and color of the ball. You can also enjoy colorful animations like smoky trails or sparks from a falling ball. Management is quite intuitive so that you will not have problems with adaptation. The game is easy to understand. It is a timekiller with a breathtaking setting. You will like to maneuver between platforms, falling into the abyss. It is fascinating. The game is not demanding on the resources of the smartphone, which means you can easily install it even on old devices.

The game has its rating system. Try to collect as many points as possible. It will bring you fame and transition to a new level. You will like it. The game has many exciting moments that allow you to enjoy beautiful graphics and fun gameplay. Change locations and balls for a change. Each new level is fraught with many new things. Explore the world. It will help you respond more quickly to a falling ball.

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How Far Can You Get?

The game will appeal to fans of arcade timekillers. There is no complicated gameplay or intricate plot. Just control the falling ball. Point the object at the platforms so as not to fall. Use the skins system to decorate the ball. The game is very entertaining and will help you spend time with benefit. Enjoy beautiful graphics and the ability to improve your reaction speed.