Hill Climb Racing - Review & Download

The main hero of this game is called Newton. It may be a ‘strange’ coincidence that the man first to formulate the law of universal gravitation also had that name. Our protagonist has a very weird but exciting hobby – he is fond of driving cars and other vehicles in very unusual places such as mountains and caves. In the Hill Climb Racing app, you are going to take a ride with Newton and see for yourself how crazy he is.    

Hill Climb Racing is an arcade game that does not care about realism. You are going to drive various vehicles on unimaginable and certainly unsuitable terrains. It is a dangerous adventure, and you may crash your transport to smithereens or even die in the process. That is why your main goal is to stay alive and drive as far as possible from the starting point.   
Main statistics in this game are fuel, distance, and coins collected. Talking about fuel, you must keep an eye on canisters on the map and collect them whenever possible to fill the fuel tank of your car. In the start of your adventures, there will be lots of those but when you get further the fuel resources will be scarce. And coins are needed to buy new transport and getting new upgrades.  

Hill Climb Racing Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing

You just need two buttons to drive in Hill Climb Racing – the first one is, of course, for acceleration, and the second one is for using breaks. Driving technique based on two buttons sound simple but requires perfect balance on the ground and in the air during jumps. Pedal to the floor not only increase your speed but also defines the grip and forces the front of your car up. Due to this, you cannot be accelerating all the time because you will end up crashing your ride. The same rule applies to breaks, which also function as the reverse. 

Hill Climb Racing Screenshot

The developers from Fingersoft offer you an exciting ride in the most exotic places on our planet. Pick your favorite transport from the garage and start your journey today. Each car is unique and feels different and has its own upgrade options. We think it is more than enough to try it out.