Hot Wheels: Race Off - Review & Download

Hot Wheels: Race Off is an interesting analog of the popular Hill Climb Racing app. Guys from the Hutch Games studio had some experience in this niche with their previous title MMX Hill Climb. That is why Hot Wheels shares some similarities with that game. Expect to see a lot of interesting locations with tracks so complex that you might even think you are in the auto trial competition. Fans of the franchise will be happy to see amazing detailed graphics in the classic cartoonish style with smooth animation and dynamic soundtrack. 
Just like it was in the previous title, locations in Hot Wheels: Race Off are not endless. Your main goal is to reach the finish line. Even though there is a virtual opponent shares the track with you, there is no need to outrun him. Well, at least in first competitions, when your auto really lacks power. You will start your career with a monstrous roadster that turns out to be a half-dead ride with an old engine and terrible suspension. To make something decent out of that, you will need to collect coins scattered in locations. Even with some upgrades on you will feel the difference.  

Hot Wheels: Race Off Hot Wheels: Race Off

Hot Wheels: Race Off
Hutch Games

Upgrades, however, is not a guarantee to reap all awards as you go. That is why you will need to go back to early levels and complete them again with better cars (when they are powerful enough to ride any hill and jump over any ramp). There will be levels that cannot be completed using your current ride – the game will give you some hints suggesting to change the car. In order to get access to the next automobile, you will either upgrade your current wheels to the max or spend crystals, which are much easier to buy, then earn in the game. 

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The controls in Hot Wheels: Race Off are standard for the genre: there is a gas pedal in the right lower corner, and there is a breaks button on the left. These buttons not only needed for acceleration, reverse, and stop action but also for balancing in the air and for landing. Here is a word of advice for you: don’t even think about doing flips and crazy jumps without some serious upgrades because you will most likely land upside down, which means ‘restart.’ 
All in all, Hot Wheels: Race Off leaves positive emotions. You just need be ready for a long process of getting all needed upgrades and buying new automobiles. The in-app store offers a shortcut to buy the stuff you need with real money, but we personally think there is no need to use it.