Skiddy Car - Review & Download

Skiddy Car is a racing game that has original gameplay. Players need to click on the playing field to go around obstacles, pits to perform various tricks on the car and enter the turns. The gameplay is quite dynamic, and the number of racing tracks is vast.

Players can customize their vehicles and test them on different roads. Collect coins to pump your car and get the highest score. Unlock all the automobiles and become the owner of an impressive fleet.

Skiddy Car Skiddy Car

Skiddy Car

Tap the screen

Data racing game does not try to hit users with great graphics or realistic physics. It is more like an arcade platformer with original gameplay. The car moves automatically. You only need to click on the screen to help it turn left or right. A long press allows the vehicle to accelerate and fly over an obstacle. Players move on small tracks with winding directions and a precipice on the sides. It is necessary to pass various obstacles, barriers, and abysses to reach the finish line. 

The player needs to speed up or slow down the car to maneuver between the barriers and to pass tricky turns. K has your appearance and original design elements. Driving through each track, you can collect gold coins. A sufficient amount of money allows you to purchase new skins of cars and improve existing cars. All levels are quite diverse. They have different colors, geometry, and the puzzle system. Use all your ability and skill to perform complicated stunts and overcome insane levels.

There are many different levels in the game, so you will not get bored. Management made by clicking on the screen, so you do not have long to get used to the various nuances of the game. Drive the car as you wish. Choose your driving style and maneuver and at short distances. Remember that each level is quite tricky and you can fall into the abyss. Do not let your car lose control. Choose the best approach to the finish and get the maximum points.

Skiddy Car Screenshot

Casual racing

This game is a great time killer that will allow you to spend a few hours with benefit and interest. Develop your ability by directing the car along the desired trajectory and perform complicated stunts. Click on the screen to collect as many coins as possible and buy new vehicles. Unlock the entire fleet and enjoy a vast selection of vehicles. The strategy for each race depends on you. Be attentive and develop your ability for passing each level. Beautiful and challenging levels are a real challenge for hardcore arcade racing fans. Prove your professionalism and overcome all obstacles on each level.