Traffic Rider - Review & Download

Traffic Rider is a pure motorbike arcade. Prepare to become a master rider and complete all mission available in the game. You will be using the first-person view, which is a bit surprising in comparison with other apps that usually go for the classic third-person view. The user interfaced is stripped down to a minimum – you have only a rudder and a track in front of you, which makes you feel like you are really sitting on a motorcycle. You will start your career on a primitive scooter. You must win several events with to earn money and buy some upgrades or switch to another motorbike.  

Traffic Rider offers four different games modes. All of them are interesting and complement each other. Let’s talk about them in details. 

It is your typical campaign mode. You have a map with race tracks you must conquer. Each track has specific conditions or missions to complete, for example, on the first one you will have to beat the clock and finish in time, on another one you will need to overtake a certain number of cars on the road (pass near them close enough), and so on. Each completed mission awards you prize money that can be used to buy upgrades or new bikes. 

Traffic Rider Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider
Soner Kara

If you cannot complete a mission and you need extra money for upgrades, then this mode is what you are looking for. You can choose one of two road types – one way and two way. The second option allows you to earn more bonuses if you are driving the oncoming lane. The show ends after the first crash, so be careful there. Note: this mode unlocks on the second level, and it has only the one-way variant in the beginning. In order to unlock a two-way road, you will need to reach level 20.  

Uses the same principle as the previous mode. However, you only have ninety seconds for the run. Your goal is to earn as many points as possible. More points – better prize. One way and two-way roads are available. The first option unlocks on the 6th level and the second one only after reaching 24th. 

You know the drill – pick the type of the road and pedal to the metal. There are no limits in this mode. You can use it for practicing your driving skills whenever you want.

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Traffic Rider is an exciting racing game that will be a good present for all motorbike lovers and enthusiasts. It has pleasant graphics, convenient controls, and flexible settings. Has some customization and tuning options. The app is well optimized and runs smoothly even on old and low-end mobile devices without any lags or crashes. Serves great as a time killer game.