8 Ball Pool - Review & Download

Just like in many other pool simulators the process of playing billiards in 8 Ball Pool is shown to us from the top view. It makes easier to watch after the balls and pockets. It is super easy to remember all main rules of 8 Ball Pool – make your first strike, wait for the first scored ball (multicolored or monochrome), memorize color settings, and score them one by one with the white ball (if possible). The match ends with pocketing the last ball that has black color. All actions on the table are performed with the help of a cue – a long wooden stick. The game is turn-based, and if you get to strike first, it is a serious advantage for you because your turn continues as long as you score balls. But after the first scoreless strike your opponent steps into the action. Interesting fact: in 8 Ball Pool you are not going to play versus AI bots but against real players from all over the world.

8 Ball Pool 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool

We understand that it is impossible to recreate real-life billiards experience on mobile devices, but the developers of 8 Ball Pool made everything they could to make a decent game. The game lets you feel every strike you make, control the power of each shot, and aim using projections that show the direction of the ball after the strike. All balls obey the laws of physics, which is cool. On higher difficulty all markers and tips are hidden, so we recommend to learn and feel the game. In addition to that, you will also need to mark the pocket you are going to put a ball in – should you fail to do so, there will be no time and no one to argue with, so the best tactic in this situation is just to concentrate on the process.    

8 Ball Pool Screenshot

In 8 Ball Pool, you have several game modes to test your skills: 1vs1, a tournament with multiple rivals, or playing with friends. The most interesting mode (at least for us) was the tournament. You are going to play in many different cities including London, Sidney, and even Moscow. Each win awards you cups and prizes. However, not all stages are open from the beginning – in order to join high-caliber tournaments you must first level up in matches in lower leagues. For winning matches, you also receive some cash that can be used to buy new cues or various bonuses. Equipment and other stuff in 8 Ball Pool are very expensive, but it does not mean that you have to invest real money to play this game with confidence.